The Heartland "No Hole" tonering is a reproduction of an original 1933 Gibson "No Hole" flathead tonering. The actual weight of that original ring is 47oz. I installed that ring in 4 or 5 different banjos and they all had a very deep and warm tone.

When I decided to venture into the tonering market, I basically copied everything about that ring. It has the same metal alloy, same dimensions and same weight as the original ring. In 2002, it was a very expensive undertaking, but through the years, it has become a very successful venture for my company.

It also turned out to be a very good combination with my Heartland Mahogany 3 ply rim banjos. It gives those Mahogany rim banjos an ever deeper, darker tone and that's just what the younger generation of players are wanting.

Heartland "No Hole" Tonering
Nickel Plated $475.00
Gold Plated $525.00
Un-Plated - by special order only

PS - Did you notice that I never used the "PW" words one time in the description of my tonering!