Banjo, Bass & Guitar Repairs

Repairing and restoring vintage instruments has always been a passion with me. Over the years I have worked on thousands of instruments of all brands, years, shapes and sizes bringing them back into a playable and stable condition. Most of these instruments were rare, high value vintage pieces and some of them were not of high value, but were family heirlooms. They were all treated with the same respect. Sometimes the repair cost can exceed the value of the instrument, but this is explained and made clear before any work is started. My reputation and integrity as an instrument builder and repairman are very important and a priority to maintain.

Word of mouth has been my main advertising tool for many years. If you do a good affordable job, the customer will be very satisfied and they will tell their friends. But if you do a cheap "just make it playable" job, they don't tell their friends that part of the story, they just say it was repaired by Rob at Heatland banjo. That kind of advertisement deosn't help my reputation! If a customer doesn't want to invest in a proper repair, I don't want to invest my time and reputation in doing that kind of work.

Communication and customer satisfaction are very important to Heartland Banjo. Covering all the details and cost of a project up front before any work starts is the key to customer satisfaction. Sometimes this involves many phone calls or emails or even customer visits to my shop to get all the details correct. This can be very time consuming on my part, but at the end of the project, the customer is happy and so am I. Customer satisfaction has caused most all of my customers to be repeat customers, whether it be for a new project or just a periodic check-up or tweaking on their previous project.