The NEW Heartland "APPALACHIA" Model Banjo

The NEW Heartland Appalachia model banjo is very unique in it's design.

The first thing you will notice when you pick it up is the light weight (9 pounds).

The next things you will notice when you start to play the banjo, is the full rich tone it produces and the clear note separation. That full rich tone is created by mating a 3 ply "Roasted Wood" Maple rim, with an 11", early 30's Gibson 1/4" tone hoop.

Also, the resonator is a reproduction of the early 30's Gibson design. It has the 3 ply opposing grain, tapered side walls and the 3 ply laminated back, with the proper curvature. These design features give the Appalachia model banjo the proper size tone chamber to re-create that great vintage tone.

Another unique feature of this Appalachia model is the comfortable neck profile. The Mahogany neck is a little wider than standard, but the front to back profile is a little thinner. This feature creates a little more space between the string at the nut and makes it easier to play those full chords as you move up the neck.

Below are some of the other parts, that add to the great tone of the Appalachia model.

  • Die-cast one piece flange
  • Pot metal tension hoop
  • Brown Ebony fret board
  • Bone nut & 5th string nut
  • Timeless " Old Wood" bridge
  • AMB/Remo top frosted head
  • Presto Tailpiece
  • Gotoh 2 Band tuners


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Give a listen to Jim Britton's video and see if you don't agree, this is a GREAT sounding banjo!

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Thanks in advance