The NEW Heartland "ALLEGHENY" Model Banjo

The Heartland “Allegheny Model” banjo is a NEW version of the Heartland “Appalachia Model”. The Heartland Appalachia model has been a great success, but we’ve had many requests for this model to have a “full weight” flathead tone ring.

Heartland Banjo & Guitar Co., with Jim Britton’s help, has tested many flathead tone ring designs. We now have a NEW “Heartland II" 20 hole flathead tone ring that works great with all the other special features of the Allegheny model. The 3 ply Maple “Roasted Wood” rim, mated to the NEW “Heartland II” tone ring, has crystal clear notes with great volume and projection.

Some other unique features of the Allegheny model, are the comfortable profile of the Mahogany neck. This neck is a little wider than standard, but the front to back profile is a little thinner.

Also, the vintage 1930's style Mahogany resonator has the opposing grain, tapered side walls and proper back curvature, to create the proper size for the tone chamber.

Below is a list of features on the NEW Allegheny Model banjo.

  • Custom profiled Mahogany neck, with Wreath inlay pattern
  • 1930’s style Mahogany resonator, with w/b/w concentric rings
  • 2 way Stainless Steel truss rod
  • Brown Ebony fret board
  • 3 ply “Roasted Wood” Maple rim
  • NEW “Heartland II” 20 hole flathead tone ring
  • Die cast one piece flange
  • Pot metal tension hoop
  • Bone nut & 5th string nut
  • Timeless “Old Wood” 5/8” bridge
  • AMB / Remo head
  • Presto tailpiece
  • Gotoh 2 band tuners


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Give a listen to Jim Britton's 3 videos and see if you don't agree, this is a GREAT sounding banjo!

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Thanks in advance